16-05-2018 New foldable rulers are back in stock
New foldable rulers are back in limited stock & with a fresh new design made by @pikehunternick - ..more
6-03-2018 UPDATE MARCH 2018 - Shop open for new orders!
As we are finally catching up on all preorders from last year we have just reopened the ..more
28-04-2017 UPDATE APRIL 2017
After a big renovation lasting many months, we are now finally back to making lures in the new home ..more
4-05-2016 Scale magazine
Pretty stoked about the article in the black edition of scale magazine of the se lucky ..more
29-10-2015 Sportfishing and fishingboat Fair Utrecht 2015
Friday 30 october to Sunday 1 november the biggest Sportfishing and fishingboat Fair of Europe will ..more
I am proud to announce the release of the newest addition to the arsenal - The Lucky Roach. ..more
22-04-2015 Strike! Underwater footage at its best.
Sean Wit managed to shoot some amazing underwater footage of massive pike hitting the V2 & Lucky ..more
16-04-2015 Dutch Monsterpike caught on Esox Junior
Berthil Bos of TotalFishing caught a ..more